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  • SIA licensed.
  • Experienced dog handlers.
  • Trained escort officers.
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IK9 Security provides a security patrol service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Uniformed Security Units

Mobile patrols make timed or random inspections of properties, externally or internally, which is aimed at protecting the property and any valuables. Our security patrol units are uniformed and arrive in marked vehicles, not only providing security but also a visual deterrent to crime against the building. All of our guards are fully trained, experienced and also hold a license with SIA and a CSCS card. Our team of security patrol officers can also lock, unlock and set alarms for you at the beginning or end of the working day. This service not only makes sure your building is fully secure after closing, it also ensures that there is no lights or other electrical items still turned on, reducing energy wastage from the building.

Dog Patrol

Dogs are not only a physical deterrent they also provide a visual deterrent to intruders or other threats. Their strong sense of smell, hearing and sight allows dogs to be more aware of the surroundings paired with their reaction time, the threat is very unlikely going to escape from our dogs. Our dogs are available for security patrols with our fully trained dog, experienced and SIA licensed dog handlers. Read more about this service on our dog security page.

Escort service

Our units also offer an escort service, our officers are there to ensure your safety and protect you from any danger. This service can be used to escort you to meetings, to your multiple properties or simply to and from your business premises. For example, we can pick you up from your home, take you to your appointments and return you safely home at the conclusion of your business. We also offer a secure courier service to pick up and deliver valuable or sensitive materials. Our trained professionals will transport the valuable goods from one location to another, safely and securely so the goods are not at any risk. Each one of our team follow a strict procedure of transporting goods so you know that your goods are only going where they need.

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