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  • Fully trained guard dogs and handlers.
  • Improving security levels.
  • Deterrent to potential criminals.
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Our K9 security services are dedicated to keeping people, premises and valuables safe. At IK9, our highly trained dogs and fully licensed handlers are highly experienced in working in a variety of environments such as concerts, festivals, airports and schools. Whether you are looking for detection dogs or guard dogs, at IK9 we provide all the K9 Security Services you could need.

Guard Dogs

At IK9, our guard dog security services are designed to keep you, your staff and your property safe and secure. Our teams of guard dogs and dog handlers act as a deterrent to criminal activity, protecting commercial and industrial properties from potential criminals. Having a professionally trained guard dog on site minimises the chances of vandalism, theft or any other criminal activity, making intruders think twice about entering your site.

K9 protection is ideal for locations such as construction sites or industrial sites, where valuable equipment and machinery is stored overnight, but CCTV can be an inconvenience. Our dog handlers and security dogs make an unbeatable combination, with the dogs showing controlled aggression when facing an intruder. Our fully licensed handlers are always in complete control of our guard dogs.

Having a highly experienced, specially trained guard dog and handler patrolling your site greatly improves site security, reducing any costs against multiple static guards or CCTV and alarm systems, while minimising the risk of criminal activity.

Event Security

We offer a wide range of K9 Services, offering comprehensive event security solutions to events of all sizes across the UK.

Whether it’s a concert, festival or market, events are supposed to be a place to relax and have fun. However, the threat of criminal activity can be stressful for anybody hosting, managing or attending an event. Our range of K9 security solutions allow us to offer premium security services to events nationwide.

Our guard dogs and protective dogs provide an effective deterrent to intruders and trespassers trying to illegally enter your event. They can also show controlled aggression, able to effectively control and hold anybody who may be a threat.

Our fully trained Drug Sniffing Dogs are able to perform passive, non-intrusive searches, preventing anybody attempting to enter your event with illegal substances. We also use Bomb Detection Dogs, suitable for use in any event that may hold a crowd of people that could be a potential target.

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