K9 Patrol Services

  • Randomly scheduled patrols.
  • Minimise criminal activity.
  • Protect your site out of hours.
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Our security dog and handler teams provide effective security solutions to sites throughout Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. Protect your site, with K9 Patrol Services from IK9 Security.

K9 Protection

The site of a patrol dog and handler is an incredibly effective deterrent to criminal activity, making any potential criminals and vandals think twice before entering your site or property. With our randomly scheduled patrol services, we ensure people know your site is protected out of hours by a fully trained security dog and fully licensed handler. This minimises the threat of theft, vandalism and any other criminal activity which may affect your business or property.

Our dog and handler teams don’t just make for an effective deterrent, though. Our k9 security dogs are fully trained to detect any intruders who may be on your site. Their enhanced sense of smell make security dogs much more effective than a single guard at finding any intruders and potential criminals who may have entered your site.

Construction Site Security

With valuable tools, machinery and vehicles often left on construction sites overnight, professional security is becoming an incredibly valuable asset to any site.

Our dog patrol services are the perfect solution for smaller building sites which may not need round the clock protection, but need to check on the site out of hours.

Our security personnel make several visits to your site outside of operational hours, checking for any signs of intruders, break-ins or theft. The security officer will make a detailed report, noting down any irregularities or potential security threats. If an intruder is found, our dogs are able to show controlled aggression, holding the intruder, while our fully trained dog handlers always remain in control of the security dogs. Our K9 security is an incredibly effective security service, helping protect construction sites throughout Yorkshire.

Industrial Security

K9 Patrol Services from IK9 Security are one of the most effective security solutions for industrial sites throughout Yorkshire. Industrial sites, such as power stations, often contain valuable materials and equipment on-site, which need to be protected. Randomly scheduled patrols from our security dog and handler teams provide an incredibly effective security deterrent, making any potential think twice about entering your site.

Contact us for more information on our K9 Patrol Services, providing effective protection to a wide range of establishments, including construction and industrial sites, across Yorkshire. For more information on our K9 Patrols or any of our K9 Security Services, contact us using the link below.

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