Drug Sniffing Dogs

  • Fully trained dogs on site.
  • Expertly trained police sniffer dogs.
  • Proactive search dogs.
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IK9 have a wide range of drug sniffing dogs fully trained to identify several commonly used drugs in a variety of situations.

Specially Trained Detection Dogs

An increase in drug use in today’s society has impacted on the need for detection dogs at public venues including airports, arenas and various events. Specially trained dogs assist in the detection of illegal substances that may not be easily identifiable by security personnel.

Professional Drug Detection

We provide a K9 unit dedicated to drug detection at any event or location, with this service you will receive a fully trained drug sniffing dog to your site along with an SIA approved handler.

All our handlers have up to date CSCS cards, providing you with a highly qualified, expertly trained and experienced team.

A professional team from IK9 will provide you peace of mind that you have a fully trained dog on site to help with any drug-related problems. All of our dog handlers are kept up to date on current law and regulations regarding the use of dogs, as well as the law relating to drug use.

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Police Sniffer Dogs

Law enforcement agencies, the prison service and private security companies commonly use drug detection dogs.

Dogs are more capable of detecting illegal substances in larger venues using the passive search technique (walk by’s), and are also able to get into confined spaces during proactive searches. Passive search dogs tend to be Labradors or Malinois, these dogs operate on a lead giving the handler full control over the dog. Passive searches tend to be conducted on people and passing belongings, these types of searches tend to occur within public places and events, as it is less invasive than a proactive search.

Proactive search dog are often Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels or Labradors. Proactive searches are more invasive, however the dog is always under the control of the handler, these searches tend to be for large areas, vehicles, baggage, or confined spaces.

To arrange the use of a drug detection team or for more information on our services, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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