Bomb Detection Dogs

  • Specially trained bomb detection dogs.
  • Deterrent to potential criminals.
  • Proactive Search Dogs.
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Due to the recent rise in terrorist incidents, there has been a significant increase in the use of security dogs for the detection of explosive devices.

Specially Trained Dogs

Here at IK9, we have specially trained bomb detection dogs, each dog is trained in real life simulations so they better able to detect explosive material in a large variety of situations and environments. Our bomb detection dogs are suitable for use at concerts, sporting events, large shopping centres, train stations, airports and other similar places that may hold a crowd of people or that could be a potential target.

We have developed specialist training where real life situations are recreated, testing the dogs in a multitude of scenarios, this method of training allows the dog and handler to remain in full control during a search despite many challenging circumstances.

When searching for explosive materials either the "passive method" is used, where the dog will remain on lead at all times in a walk by type search, or we can undertake a "proactive search" where the dog is off lead working independently but allowing them to cover a wider area, which is generally more suitable for larger events. Dogs are able to quickly cover a larger area more quickly than humans, sniffing through crowds, bags, bins and open spaces for potential explosive devices.

Explosives Detection

Upon request, we will provide a bomb detection team consisting of a highly trained dog and handler to any venue or event that requires explosive detection specialists on site.

Not only do our dogs conduct perfect search and finds, they are also a deterrent to potential criminals. However, if you are looking for a security dog team specifically then please follow the link to our K9 security services for more information.

If you require one of our specialist bomb detection dogs or would like more information please use the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to deal with any questions or enquiries.

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